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Start-up founders are believers. They are the crazy ones who believe in a better future and task themselves to create it. The are constantly playing with the challenge of creating something new and then outdoing themselves.

Like all believers they start with ventures, like little kids learning to…

9 different perspectives that can make your pitch more credible.

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Mentoring startups at Startmate, Founder Institute and many a time directly have brought me close to a number of smartest and coolest startups. When I hear their stories, to raise funds, in their pitch they are invariably sharing facts and/or assumptions. …

The difference between what is virtual a dream or a reality is narrowing. Elon musk (like many others) thinks that. we are in a simulation. By that definition whatever we experience is an illusion. But does calling everything an illusion makes it real or illusion?

We dream when we are…

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Working with Founders Institute and Small Business Mentoring services, I come across start-ups and early-stage business on a regular basis.

It is great to see everyone being upbeat for success putting the probability of success to nearly 100%. However, the real number is less than 10% even if you find the odds in your favour.

This, I found had anecdotal explanations. So I decided to put together a small excel sheet that can help you input the scenarios and calculate your own probability of success if you are on that path.

Any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me. You can download your version of the excel file here!As1I4TfzY84KkWrnTVcGBCnY1W_g?e=iC6YRf

Sameer Babbar

Sameer Babbar

Postgraduate Engineer and MBA. Advise startups, early stage companies and small businesses . Focus on decision support, analytics and scaling up.

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